Secret Supper Club, Underground Restaurant, Guerilla Dinner

Shhh…a secret Supper Club!

No worries, this isn’t going to be another site with tons of underexposed pictures celebrating “the best burger in town” or “Mom’s fabulous cheesecake”! Instead, I want to take you on a discovery tour to unveil the secret of supper clubs, underground restaurants, guerrilla dinners, home restaurants, pop-up bakeries and similar experiences for fun loving eaters. No idea what I am talking about? Until recently I have been as clueless as you, and that is why I decided to create this blog.

Let’s start with what is an underground restaurant. I certainly don’t mean a cellar restaurant like someone in a Polish user forum suggested (Q: Do you know any underground restaurants here? – A: Oh, we have plenty of restaurants and bars located in the basement…). Omniscient Wikipedia says an underground restaurant is an eating establishment operated out of someone’s home, a hybrid between a private dinner party and a restaurant. The host is usually a food lover with a passion for cooking and entertaining guests. Some are professionally trained chefs, and you might even find hosts with a Michelin-star decorated background. They occasionally invite strangers to their private homes or some other location and serve a several-course meal.

OK…but why would they do that? And what drives people to eat in someone’s private dining room instead of going to a proper restaurant? Well, to keep the potentially long list of reasons short: It’s more exciting, it’s more fun and it’s much more social for both sides involved, guests and hosts. A supper club is a place where strangers get together around a table with strangers in the home of – you name it: Strangers. They experience new food, freshly prepared for them and very often exceeding restaurant quality at a much better value for money, no matter if what comes out of the kitchen is home-style cooking or gourmet cuisine. They drink and talk with people they would never have met otherwise and spend some relaxed hours together, just as if they were at a friends dinner party. If you want, supper clubs are a surprise package in terms of the host, the food, your co-eaters and the location. And if every now and then you are up for a little adventure where fun and taste come together, you might find it worth watching this space.

Finding a supper club is a little bit like a treasure hunt for grown ups. Location addresses aren’t publicly available. There is no sign on the wall and no entry in the Yellow Pages or in Lonely Planet. The first level of the game is: You have to be in the know, or know somebody who is. Event dates are mostly irregular and get advertised by word of mouth or on social media. If you manage to proceed to the second level, you have to be fast enough to grab one of the limited places. Most secret dinners offer between 8-15 places, only few have more than 20, meaning that some sell out quite quickly. And only if you are amongst the lucky ones who receive a confirmation, you will get to the next stage and find an email in your inbox with the directions, usually between 24 and 48 hours before the event. If that happens to you: CONGRATS! You hold the key to the secret door in your hands! Go and have a funtasty adventure – and don’t forget to tell me about it!


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