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Curry Crème Brulée by Magic Garden Supper Club

This Créme Brulée got served as dessert at the Magic Garden Supper Club’s inauguration dinner. For a feature on Magic Garden Supper Club, please go here.

Ingredients (serves 4):

200 ml milk

330 ml cream

65 gr sugar

1 tablespoon curry powder

8 egg yolks

Brown sugar to sprinkle

½ vanilla bean


  1. Mix the milk and the cream with sugar, vanilla bean and curry, bring to the boil and put aside
  2. Stir the egg yolk and slowly stir in the hot milk with the other ingredients
  3. Push the mixture through a sieve and poor into 4 flameproof dishes
  4. Preheat the oven to 100°C, put the dishes with the cream in and allow to coagulate for about 60 minutes
  5. Sprinkle with brown sugar and caramelize with a gas burner – or alternatively place the dishes on a deep baking tray filled with cold water and ice cubes and caramelize under the oven grill

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