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  • Supper Club Etiquette

    BYO & Co: Supper Club Etiquette

    Have you become a bit curious by now and want to discover yourself the exciting world of culinary delights behind closed doors? If you are a supper club newbie, you might find the following guidance useful. Because underground restaurant are not like normal restaurants – which is …

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  • 586158 Web R By Dieter Schütz

    Jesus Christ Supper Club

    The idea of  sharing food is probably as old as mankind. Seems that supper clubs are somehow in our genes, eating in company makes food just more enjoyable. Already the Stone Age clans would meet around the fireplace for a well deserved bison or mammoth …

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  • Secret Supper Club, Underground Restaurant, Guerilla Dinner

    Shhh…a secret Supper Club!

    No worries, this isn’t going to be another site with tons of underexposed pictures celebrating “the best burger in town” or “Mom’s fabulous cheesecake”! Instead, I want to take you on a discovery tour to unveil the secret of supper clubs, underground restaurants, guerrilla dinners, …

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