Monthly Archive for: ‘März, 2014’

  • Gerüchteküche Supper Club

    Gerüchteküche // Braunschweig

    The story of the Gerüchteküche supper club (‘rumor kitchen’, the German equivalent to the English rumor mill) is a story full of love: Love for cooking, for superior culinary treats in general, love for wine, red in particular, love for contemporary arts, love for receiving …

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  • Blattgold Supperclub

    Blattgold Supperclub // Dusseldorf

    Still today, the simple question for a vegetarian dish can drive some restaurant staff close to hyperventilation. But the least recommendable thing in German gastronomy if you want to enjoy the warm feeling of being loved and welcome is: Trying to order a vegan menu. …

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  • WeinKüche Supper Club

    WeinKüche Supper Club // Berlin

    New ideas are bubbling up all the time in Berlin’s supper club scene. One of the most recent new entrants is Kerstin’s and Holger’s WeinKüche (Wine Kitchen), based in Mitte, close to Rosenthaler Platz. So what’s in that name: A supper club or a private …

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