Monthly Archive for: ‘Februar, 2013’

  • Supper Club Hidden Kitchen

    Supper Club Hidden Kitchen // Mainz

    It seems kind of an unwritten law that wine-growing regions, maybe more than others, know how to celebrate the delights of the table. Hence it was probably only a question of time until the Rhinehessen area would have its first secret dining address, the supper …

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  • Secret Supper Club

    Secret Supper Club // Munich

    As a matter of fact, the Secret Supper Club at the lake Ammersee nearby Munich is not so secret anymore. This might have to do with various press articles, or some TV reports broadcast by Bayerischer Rundfunk, the last one in November. That again probably …

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  • © Jacob Joins

    Jacob Joins

    Jacob Joins is neither an underground restaurant, nor the chef of one. Sorry if that is disappointing news for you. Instead, the name Jacob Joins stands for global cooking, or in other words: Recipes from all over the World. No question, the web is full …

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